Photo Upload Page

Please upload any photos of books you are interested in selling below. We prefer to have had a conversation via phone or email first please, as this helps us avoid confusion and our online storage becoming full.

There is a total of 25mb available for uploads. There are lots of free image resizing tools available if you cannot do it easily on your phone. Mac has an easy to use built in one in the Preview app. If your files are over 25mb please resize or send in separate cconsignments. Please note that depending on your connection sending photos via this form may take a couple of minutes.

Unless otherwise agreed, for large collections of books, a selection of the books spine on or a selection cover on is fine up to a maximum of ten separate photos. This should give us an idea of the books you have and we can then contact you to discuss further. If possible in the additional information box at the bottom please could you include who you spoke to and when. There are a number of us working at Fireside and we receive a lot of enquiries with regards to selling books!

The uploader accepts .jpg, .jpeg and .zip files. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you are having any issues with this process. All photo are automatically deleted after 30 days. All fields with a red asterisk are mandatory but please remember to leave either an email or phone number on which to contact you.